Learn about the Differences Between Online Counseling and Traditional Therapy

Dr. John Silver is considered a pioneer in online therapy. For the past 20 years Dr. Silver has been providing counseling and psychotherapy through a variety of technologies, including telephone, email, computer & chat. He also provides face-to-face traditional office psychological counseling.  

If you are undecided about which therapy is right for you, 
click here to read about the differences between each approach. 

Brief Overview of Online Therapy

Many times a doctor’s appointment can be stressful, expensive and time consuming. You may have to take time off of work. It can add hours to the time spent visiting the doctor.

In addition to saving the time, money and the stress associated with doctor's visits,  you won't have to waste time driving, parking and reading old magazines in waiting rooms. Imagine seeing your doctor from the comfort of your home, the privacy of your office or in your hotel room while traveling. Or imagine writing your Doctor an email any time day or night. It's all accessible at a touch of a mouse through safe, secure, encrypted HIPAA compliant online therapy offices at DoxyMe/DrJohnSilver.

3 Steps To Get You Started with Online Therapy

"From The Couch 

            TO THE COMPUTER"

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Online Therapy World Wide

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​In-Office Counseling


Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor

Certified Online Counseling

Certified Sex Therapist

                                            Thirty-Five  Years Experience                                                      

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  • It's Empowering. You decide When and Where You”d like to see Your Doctor
  • It’s Secure and Encrypted
  • It’s Flexible and Individualized to Fit Your Schedule, with 30, 60, 90 Minute Sessions
  • It’s Always Available. All you need is A Computer and The Internet
  • It’s Anonymous and Private
  • See your Doctor even if you Move or are On the Road Again 
  • No Doctor’s Office to Drive to or Pay For
  • It’s Cost- Effective and Smart
  • No Time Away from Work, Family, Leisure
  • It’s Therapy From The Comfort Of Your Home
  • No Wasted Time In Waiting Rooms
  • It’s Convenient and Casual
  • Ease of Between-Session Communication with your Doctor
  • It’s Green and Environmentally Sensitive
  • It’s Cutting Edge Technology

 It's Backed by a Therapist who is certified with over 35 Years of Experience      Integrating Computers & Human Behavior and 20 Years as a Certified Online  Therapist.




  1. Call or Email  to set up a consultation. 

  2. Make sure your computer has these requirements.

  • A Mac, PC or Stationary iPad with Camera, Microphone, and Speakers
  • A high speed Internet connection
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (latest release versions)​ 

  3. Once we have confirmed our appointment or consultation click on   This Link and it will take you to our Virtual Office. 

         Please Click Here for IMPORTANT Detailed instructions on using our Private, Secure, Confidential HIPAA Compliant Online Office and to use 

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